Brighter Investing welcomes Susan Davis, CFP®, as Senior VP

Davis brings 20+ years of expertise to Atlanta sustainable investing firm

Atlanta – Jan 15, 2020: Brighter Investing, a full-service financial advisory firm specializing in sustainable investing, has welcomed Susan Davis, CFP®, a 20+ year veteran of Atlanta’s JOYN Advisors, as its new Senior Vice President.

Davis, JOYN’s former Chief Compliance Officer & Executive Vice President, joins former colleagues Gary Whitehurst and Nancy Sagar, Brighter Investing’s co-founders and CEO/President respectively.

“Susan Davis brings incredible investing, advisory, operations and legal experience to our core team,” Gary Whitehurst explained. “Even more importantly, she cares deeply about the people of Atlanta, our country and around the world. And she’s driven to help investors mobilize their hard-earned capital to support – rather than exacerbate – social, societal, and environmental issues that challenge the pillars of a successful global economy.”

Davis calls her decision an “encore to my 30-year career in wealth management. When I left JOYN in 2019, I thought I was retiring. But once I heard that Gary and Nancy were starting Brighter, I became so excited about their mission that I couldn’t help but get involved.”

“Susan is an absolute joy to work with,” Nancy Sagar added. “Empathy, warmth, skill as an educator & speaker … we’re very excited that she’s chosen to join us on this important journey. In the immediate term, she’ll play an integral role in our educational platform including the Brighter Women’s Series, Brighter Themes and our Sustainable Investing & Business initiatives.”

Davis began her career in financial planning and investing in 1987 and helped open Geller & Associates (the predecessor to JOYN Advisors, recently acquired by another firm) in 1991. She has taught financial planning at Emory University. She earned her BA in Forensic Studies at Indiana University and her CFP® through the College of Financial Planning. She is particularly passionate about the environment, poverty alleviation, healthy food & clean water, health, and women’s empowerment. She’s also known for her deep expertise and public presentations about caregiving for elderly parents, particularly those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

About Brighter Investing

Brighter Investing is a full-service Atlanta financial advisory firm that helps clients plan for the future using investments that integrate their financial, sustainability, environmental, social, governance and impact goals. As a legal “Public Benefit” entity, the firm has a fiduciary responsibility to the triple bottom line and has committed to deliver specific public benefits, including sustainable investing, financial literacy, and cause education to help Americans become stronger advocates for the issues they care about. Brighter provides sustainable & impact investing services to individual investors, families, family offices, foundations, and endowments. For more information, visit Brighter Investing.